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talking on spacehey

Category: Friends

Hello again. Another meaningless rant as I wait for my dad to get ready so he can take me shopping.  I love talking to people on Spacehey. I think I coulda thrived on old blog websites but those aren't too in anymore. Anyway, I realize how dry or reserved people are on this website. Like someone could say somewhere on their profile that they're open to dms then give you nothing when you try and ta... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

happy April 1st everyone. I’m excited that it’s the start of a new month. Perhaps new things are on the bound.  i love spring. my birthday is in spring (april 24th) and spring is just awesome and peaceful and full of excitement. but. i live in the midwest - Minnesota specifically. there is still lots of snow on the ground. a week ago we got a snow storm with almost a foot of snow. i’m used to snow... » Continue Reading

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tea tea energy energy crack getting hyped

Category: Life

i love peace tea. specifically mango peace tea. but the gas station in town does not have mango peace tea anymore. it has been months. i miss mango peace tea like i miss my dead cat. oh mango peace tea… oh how id cradle you in my arms. my soft touch caressing you in all the right places before i taste your sweet nectar.. » Continue Reading

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