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happy April 1st everyone. I’m excited that it’s the start of a new month. Perhaps new things are on the bound. 

i love spring. my birthday is in spring (april 24th) and spring is just awesome and peaceful and full of excitement. but. i live in the midwest - Minnesota specifically. there is still lots of snow on the ground. a week ago we got a snow storm with almost a foot of snow.

i’m used to snow in March, it’s actually one of the snowiest months here, but due to ocean currents or whatever this winter was warmer up north and colder down south. Minnesota got drastically less snow this winter so snow in march is just ANGERING because why switch up on us now. I’ve actually had it snow on my birthday multiple times in the past.

i’m done with winter. i haven’t seen a leaf in 6 months. winter comes early and leaves late. i am sooo ready for spring… i want green grass to roll around in and sniff like an animal. i am very upset at people who live in warmer areas. I respect you, but i do NOT like you. yes my own envy will be controlling my opinions of people. i actually don’t dislike warmer climate fellas, good for you. I hope you don’t understand seasonal depression and i hope you’re enjoying sun and rain.

i am cleaning my room n stuff to prepare for spring though. I am hoping for a more peaceful era of Morgan. i recently bought a bunch of dresses and warm weather friendly clothes. we usually only start seeing plants come to life in the middle of May which isn’t that far. i can make it

hope you all had a good Easter ! and if you don’t celebrate then i hope you had a very lovely March 31st nonetheless

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venny X3

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ur rlly detailed!! happy april!!

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