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i love peace tea. specifically mango peace tea. but the gas station in town does not have mango peace tea anymore. it has been months. i miss mango peace tea like i miss my dead cat. oh mango peace tea… oh how id cradle you in my arms. my soft touch caressing you in all the right places before i taste your sweet nectar..

but anyway i’ve become addicted to those Celsius energy drinks. the peach and tropical one remind me of peace tea. 

Edit: i FINALLY GOT MY MANGO PEACE TEA. My sister and I were on a road trip and we stopped in this town that had a population of maybe 200. We went in to the only gas station and there she was... Mango Peace Tea. It was the last in the whole store too! I thoroughly enjoyed that tea with a crispy chicken sandwich and I think it was the best mea; of my entire life.

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i feel your pain dude my favourite drink is lemon fuzetea, it's so delicious but there's periods of time where it's nowhere to be found, actual torture...

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we need drink dealers. like drug dealers but for when there is no mango peace tea or lemon fuzetea

some1 is probably stocked up on lemon fuzetea and bought it out of ur area just to target you. where is your anger. RISE.

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my anger is everflowing through my veins.......

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