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talking on spacehey

Hello again. Another meaningless rant as I wait for my dad to get ready so he can take me shopping. 

I love talking to people on Spacehey. I think I coulda thrived on old blog websites but those aren't too in anymore. Anyway, I realize how dry or reserved people are on this website. Like someone could say somewhere on their profile that they're open to dms then give you nothing when you try and talk to them. Although this could just be a me issue, I can come off as really chatty but I don't think it's enough to scare people away, and if you dont like me I don't really mind. 

Yesterday I was talking to a new friend through instant messages on Spacehey and they pointed out that I'm more talkative than some other people on this website, which I don't understand!! I interpret this website as a place to make friends. I'm just yapping. I like talking to people, dry or not. I also understand that a lot of people on here are socially awkward without too many friends and thats why youre here lol. I don't try to judge. 

I'm also considering the fact that I myself have only Dm'd a handful of people here on Spacehey so maybe not every other interaction is dry.

Anyway, my dad is done getting ready so I should go. Today I'm hanging out with a friend and we are going go thrift shopping then come back to my house to watch a movie. I'm hoping we'll watch the horror movie Creep that came out in 2014 - my friend recommended it to me a few years ago and I never got around to watching it. 

Love you freaks thanks for listening to another Morgan Rant. 

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dude i love people like you
NOT NAMING ANY NAMES but a lot of the people on here are kind of dry??
like bro my back hurts from carrying the conversation like cmon cut me some slack

but ya i love when people just yap its the best thing ever

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Statiscit 🍉

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I’ll be honest but I don’t message people much on this site. I’ll comment on bulletins and maybe once in a while check out blogs but I rarely would directly message you since I’m not even sure how to respond or start a convo unless I’ve known u for a while but I do agree some people here can be a bit reserved

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