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sold le car

Category: Automotive

finally liberated from the old minivan.... money gone towards paying off debt....... still have more debt but it's slightly better now...... unfortunately bought myself shoes to celebrate very dumb of me  have usch bad brain fog today that everything feels like it's making me wig out cant decide if i should play some games to chill or if i should jsut try and make some music... gonna try the first... » Continue Reading

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abt artistry and isolation

Category: Life

recently i've realized smth.. as i get ready 4 my t0ur... i am much m0re myself, much m0re intune with my hum0r and wh0 i want to be when i spend a lot of time al0ne....  is0lation is the key to my artistric production, and, so it seems, my sanity.... but f0m0 is hard to ignore ): itz been nice this week bc i have the excuse of tour.... but when i get back what if i keep wanting 2 b isolate and ma... » Continue Reading

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no more insane :)

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

i have decided to not be insane anymore :) im just me :) embracing my inner ken :) » Continue Reading

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i think im clinically insane

Category: Life

lowkey i think--- who am i kidding i dont think anything, i KNOW i am clinically insane.... it's embarrassing to see my mom always told me -- and my grandma -- that guilt is a useless emotion, and i knwo that for the most part shame is a part of that... but i have such an uncanny ability ot just make someone's life a mess in a day over nothing, just some bullshit I made up in my head, it happened ... » Continue Reading

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weird asf

Category: Friends

l8ly been having sm issues with friends... i like to think it's just stress but smtimes it feels like other people have been taking their stress out on me and I don't think I deserve it... orz  I like 2 think I'm pretty good at not putting my stress on other ppl but who is 2 say no1 on here can answer 2 that:u want 2 beeeeeeeee chill and chilled with want big hug and kiss » Continue Reading

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oops haiiiii

Category: Life

got a rly banger work schedule this coming week idk if i am getting enuff h0urs as it is but ig i can pick up an extra shift if i need 2.  got a parking t1cket 2day that made me sooo mad aside from that moving is done and now i feel significantly less insane. also started w3llbUtrin sooo i guess i'm normal now??? thinking abt finishing my writing on architecture and making a neocities page where i... » Continue Reading

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swimming pools (drank)

Category: Parties and Nightlife

idk i dont think i like drinking anymore like rly at all except maybe at a nice dinner / special occasion. when i drink tht just doesnt feel much like me anymore and i get anxious/embarrassed/upset. i cut back in a big way a year ago but i rly dont even know if it has anything 2 offer me at all now i dont like buying the beers from the gas station or anything. s0 im gna stop also intend 2 stop eat... » Continue Reading

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moving sux!

Category: Life

i h8 moving. i hae been moving for the last week and i will b moving probvbaly until the end of the month. I love 2 have a bunch of random stuff and I have been collecting stuff for many yrs but. this might b the end. it doesn't matter like that. there's too much of it and my back hurts.  excited to set up my wii tho. need 2 get wiimotes gna have a rockband 2 housewarming party lots on my mind im ... » Continue Reading

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vhs tapes

Category: Life

gna look thru Craigslist rn and see if anyone’s giving away any vhs lots I adore watching movies on vhs even if I just plus it in2 my tv and turn it on silent and watch smth else owo  also I’m moving in2 the apartment abv Seth & gabby!!!!!  ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+ seinfeld time  Watching Defunctland on Mai phone 2 go 2 bedz  thinkin abt dani reading me my immortal out loud Saturday nite ;3 i lov her s... » Continue Reading

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$$$$$$$ blueeeez

Category: Life

y is life so sisyphean??? 1 must imagine sisyphus happy i suppose. i think i can imagine him content. dani opened my eyes 2 the reality of joy vs contentment. minmaxxing on my contentment arc.  gotta move bc my house is fallinx aprt! looking forward 2 being ina place tht is warm and cozy and not full of mold and water » Continue Reading

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dance battlez

Category: Music

been watching lotz of old dance videos... watching melb shuffle battles especially... it's so cool how thye used 2 have their crews and they would battle i wish i did tht with my friends (but in a not super mean or serious way i wouldn't want the beef 2 be too real) https://youtu.be/w1A_Olic4uw thinking abt getting sum phat pants also.... its time... ive been learning 2 t-step.... also i didnt kno... » Continue Reading

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