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‼️ DNI + BYI ‼️

Category: Blogging

DNI if... Homophobic, Racist, Ableist, etc... [THE BASIC CRITERIA] TCC fan [due to those gore profiles also cause they are hella weird] Actual Gore liker [ONLY DNI if you just throw gore imagery out of nowhere to traumatize someone, if not you're fine] Support the actions of problematic artists [it's okay if you only listen to them and don't support them] Andrew Tate supporters » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

On the 18th of last month, August, I went to travel to my dad's hometown, I came back today and I mentioned on a blog here that I would talk about it here, thing is,, it will be kinda short. :/ We arrived at around 10PM something,, and arrived to his mom's house at 11PM something, it's weird calling her grandma cause I hardly have any contact with her and I am used to call my grandma (from my mom'... » Continue Reading

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Another local party blog!!

Category: Parties and Nightlife

I learned that it's not really considered a "local" party cause I'm a bit stupid on words, it's more like a party that happens in my village that's all xD I'll still call them local parties tho- So, this year was different, maybe cause I had different company this year, my boyfriend!! YIPEEEE~!! I missed only one day of the party cause it's usually 5 days, meaning I went 4 days, I pretty much spen... » Continue Reading

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School on Saturdays

Category: School, College, University

Yes, I have school on saturdays, don't know if you do but ngl it's a vibe Sadly I'm not able to see my boyfriend when I have classes on saturday but it's alright :) So far we have been doing work projects on our pcs and our teacher is super chill! » Continue Reading

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Local parties lol

Category: Parties and Nightlife

I thought making this and why not, where I live people start doing local parties in our village, me and my close friends go there together and for this year it was great, they are currently still going but it's gonna end in 2 days, I had a pretty good time compared to the other times I went, I was able to do shit with my cousin and best friend and simp for this cute blonde in the prize games stuff... » Continue Reading

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