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Another local party blog!!

I learned that it's not really considered a "local" party cause I'm a bit stupid on words, it's more like a party that happens in my village that's all xD I'll still call them local parties tho-

So, this year was different, maybe cause I had different company this year, my boyfriend!! YIPEEEE~!!

I missed only one day of the party cause it's usually 5 days, meaning I went 4 days, I pretty much spent almost all of them with my boyfriend, saturday no cause he missed it so I spent it with my ex-bestfriend but anyway...

It was a blast, there was different things this year, they sold a lot of Nintendo/Sega plushies this year for some reason, bunny hats like one of Shadow, Pikachu, I think the original ones I'm not sure, unicorn ones, etc.. and pretty much different things, I didn't see the slushy stand so that made me lowkey sad cause I love slushies, I bought a little Eevee plush and a pokeball necklace!! They didn't have the Death Note shirt I saw last year, idk if I mentioned that on the other blog..

For some reason, the parties were much more fun with my boyfriend around, it's the first time I've ever had a boyfriend personally, I had more online relationships due to how hard it is to find someone here and almost every person I've found here are really homophobic and not accepting of my interests and stuff,, but continuing, we pretty much walked around in a lot of places, went to hidden places, laughed and made stupid jokes, and just yeah had little photo sessions and wholesome moments c: Today we actually do like 9 months together so yeah I guess yesterday was a way to spend time together cause we wouldn't be able to do so today :)

Thing is he should've came when there was a little DJ concert going on saturday, it was like a 90's music concert, they played Spice Girls, NYSNC, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, etc.. I WAS HAVING A BLAST I SCREAMED WHEN THEY STARTED PLAYING SPICE GIRLS SJHAFIHIASHUIFHAIU

I hardly ate during the parties due to not liking eating at public but he was always making sure if I wanted to eat or wanted some of his food and stuff it was too cute I couldn't handle it 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。

This year has been super different for me and it's just,, wow, I never really expected to things turning out this way when I entered my new school and my life has been happier than ever!!

This blog was a bit longer than the others I guess, maybe cause I can't really shut up when it comes to things that make me happy xD but yeah! I enjoyed the parties this year, they were different and so comforting to me, I needed some fun after constantly being on my PC and stuff :)

I might travel in August, so if I end up travelling, I probs will make a blog about it :)

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So cool that you had a great time!!

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yeah!! Def want to experience it again! ^_^

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