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My 30 Favorite Movies (with Explanations)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I was too indecisive to be able to rank these by how much I love them, so I've chosen to order them chronologically by release date. I also didn't want to put children's movies on this list, but if I had, Wall-E and Shrek 2 would've been on here. This is NOT a list of movies I've rated five stars, they are movies that hold a place in my heart for various reasons. 1. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (19... » Continue Reading

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Best Doodles of Fall Semester '23

Category: Art and Photography

Here is a compilation of the best doodles I did during all five of my classes this semester. There are fifteen in total, so it could take ages to load them all. Enjoy! » Continue Reading

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The Suicide of Lucretia: Women in Art

Category: Art and Photography

TW : partial nudity, knife/stabbing, discussion of suicide/mental illness I just completed a short assignment for my art history course this semester. Our task was to write a brief description of an artwork that caught our eye, and why we love or hate it. This is what I submitted: “Lucretia” is an oil painting on wood. It was painted around 1520/25 by Dutch painter Joos van Cleve. The painting dep... » Continue Reading

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Quotes Collection Pt. 1

Category: Writing and Poetry

About two weeks ago, I started writing down quotes that I liked. I want to eventually learn how to write poetry and songs, and gathering inspiration seems like a good start. I've collected three so far that I want to share with you. I will continue to post more parts as I feel it's necessary. The first quote is from a film called "Wings of Desire" from 1987. I'd like to point out that the film is ... » Continue Reading

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Deconstructing My Internalized Homophobia

Category: Life

This is yet another personal post, which I said I would try to avoid. However, this is something I really want to talk about in a long-form post. I’m writing this mostly for myself, but it will be readable and not overly specific. Being in a new place and meeting many new people has awoken a feeling in me that I haven’t had in a while— that I have things to hide. This might sound like a non-issue ... » Continue Reading

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Favorite Video Essays?

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Hi everyone! I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately and was wondering if anyone had recommendations for interesting video essays. Here are my favorites: “Star Trek Explained (As Simply As Possible) ” by Jessie Gender “ Immersive Van Gogh: Why Art is is Crisis ” by Broey Deschanel  “ Why the Myth of the Library of Alexandria is Wrong ” by Kaz Rowe “ The Consumerist Dystopia of Harry Potte r” by... » Continue Reading

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My Photos of Rural Decay

Category: Art and Photography

Unfortunately, there was a large number of photos I couldn't include due to being revealing of my geographical location, including schools, cemeteries, and businesses. I realized this after putting this post together... can you tell I'm procrastinating on work with this blog post? This is one of my favorite themes to focus on with my photography, and this is some of what I've taken over the years ... » Continue Reading

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The Messaging of Late 2000’s & Early 2010’s Reality TV

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Many of you on here are teenagers or in your early to mid-20’s, so you’ve probably seen your fair share of reality television. Millennials essentially created our modern concept of it with the advent of Big Brother, although the idea of capturing reality is a much older concept than that. In the 1970’s, the show Candid Camera gained much popularity for showing staged pranks and interviews with see... » Continue Reading

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On Being a History Major

Category: School, College, University

I’d like to get this out of my system, it’s not really a rant because I will be referencing statistics and articles. If any of you are considering college or university you might want to read this too. I recently read in a local magazine about the sharp decline in history majors in the last ten years in my region specifically. According to the American Historical Association, this sharp decline be... » Continue Reading

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Blog Intro ⋆。°✩

Category: Blogging

Hello Spacehey! I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite a while, but I never mustered the courage until today. I’m not very adept when it comes to social media (despite what I might say in job interviews), but the idea of a blog appeals to me. I was drawn to this site because modern social media sites don’t lend themselves to customization and long-form posts like this one. The retro look is also fu... » Continue Reading

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