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(more detailed) about me !

Category: Blogging

hi here's a more in depth about me! I go by zelan mainly as well as some other names occasionally, june or el Some of the things I'm interested in: spirituality, mythology, quantum physics, music specifically visual kei, trip hop, + japanese shoegaze as of recently, figure sculpting, collecting inanimate objects, art studies and sketching, martial arts, typology (personality types), coding, old in... » Continue Reading

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A list of my favorite artists!

Category: Art and Photography

︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵ ︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵︵ haii this is a compiled list of artists i really like, with some of my favorite pieces from each one, and their username on most used platform//  This will be added to more as time goes on! 清已 Qing Yi | @Qingyi33 82Pigeon |@PIGEON666 Jaz Chiang |@Jako09 Yoshitaka Amano |@Yoshitaka_amano  がらんd |@ga_ra_nd  Nikoco |@nikcoco_11   okieiforgot |@okieiforgot (feeding ... » Continue Reading

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☽ webgraphics + blinkies masterblog!! ☾

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Most of these are sourced from tumblr, the rest are either taken from random sites/pages, created by me or with blinkies.cafe!  this blog is gonna be added to pretty frequently as i find more  Blinkies:     » Continue Reading

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✴ 〖full list of all my favorite media〗✴

Category: Blogging

This list is probably missing quite a few things, i like so many things and very much lack the memory to make up for it -__--  ✄ books+manga: ︿︿︿︿︿︿︿︿︿ ⭒ Land of the lustrous (hnk) ⭒ The summer hikaru died ⭒ Heavens official blessing ⭒ Monster ⭒ Aisha (manhua) ⭒ tokyo ghoul ⭒ Witch hat atelier ⭒ black butler ⭒ No longer human ⭒ Boy meets maria ⭒ Chainsaw man ⭒ 19 days ⭒ Girl's Last Tour ⭒ Gokuraku... » Continue Reading

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