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(more detailed) about me !

hi here's a more in depth about me!

I go by zelan mainly as well as some other names occasionally, june or el

Some of the things I'm interested in: spirituality, mythology, quantum physics, music specifically visual kei, trip hop, + japanese shoegaze as of recently, figure sculpting, collecting inanimate objects, art studies and sketching, martial arts, typology (personality types), coding, old internet, rpgs, and anything in the horror genre. Im really into reading / learning pretty much anything that interests me. Some things i like to read: psychological/shoujo/obscure (ish)manga, literally any article ever about things im interested in, Chinese novels and mythology, classic literature, and slavic literature. i will watch a video essay about anything and still never read or watch it 

  i go by any pronouns, and preferably gender nuetral/masculine terms. I'm currently unlabeled, and probably aromantic.   overall i generally dont care for/care about labels, and like to experiment with gender, so call me what you'd like!

My birthday is 1/13, i'm a capricorn,  scorpio moon,  not really into astrology but i think its cool!!

I am pantheist, and very open to discussing religion

My personal typology: ISTP  sp/sx 8w9 863  RLOEI  melancholic- sanguine SLI FLVE (1234)

Favorite colors: indigo, red, gold, 

sanrio character: badtz-maru, loly the gothic rabbit

favorite foods:, spicy melon, strawberries, literally just fruit

favorite season: winter or spring

favorite number: 17

languages i speak/somewhat fluent: English, Chinese, Italian, want to start learning ukranian or polish, and portuguese.

some of my favorite things: gemstones,rocks/geology, candles, sour/fizzy drinks, complex patterns, sea creatures and the ocean, fiction, travelling, watermelon and grapefruit flavored things, cats, plants, smell of smoke and cold windy air, loud music, nighttime, horror art,games,characters

aspirations and projects: currently I'm working on developing a dystopian comic, and i've started a new bjd doll that i am sculpting. and working on my neocities site and I've been practicing art a lot more recently, doing a lot of art studies. I've gotten into sculpting, and am working on two houseki no kuni figures. I've started taekwondo again and hope to get my black belt.

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