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A list of my favorite artists!


haii this is a compiled list of artists i really like, with some of my favorite pieces from each one, and their username on most used platform// 

This will be added to more as time goes on!

清已 Qing Yi | @Qingyi33

82Pigeon |@PIGEON666

Jaz Chiang |@Jako09

Yoshitaka Amano |@Yoshitaka_amano

 がらんd |@ga_ra_nd 

Nikoco |@nikcoco_11 

 okieiforgot |@okieiforgot (feeding my brainrot) i cant find a good way to link much of his art ; ( but pls go look at it they're so talented

Haruko Ichikawa (land of the lustrous mangaka) | @n/a  i don't believe she has a social media account



Also a ton more artists that i would love to add photos for eventually 

I follow more artists than i do anything else and on so many different platforms, I'll add more to this list as i remember them!

- junko mizuno @junko_mizuno_art

-  @ pemprika

-  @eun_ma

-  @yemsao

- @hagushka

- sui ishida @ishida____sui

- shin-ichi sakamoto @14mountain

- takato yamamoto

- @alyek_k

- @prykations

- @soot.007

- @iiimonvenus

- @kizumoroo

- eula8d

- @jin_jing93 

- bian bu (name on xiaohongshu, idk their tag anywhere else)

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