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I'm from the US and I love talking to people. Bisexual!!

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Category: Friends

Please dni with me if you are 18 or older. minors only. Basic DNI (homophobes, pro shippers, pedos ect)  Rude people Don't believe in the paranormal (I occasionally post things Abt me being a medium.) KPOP hater ( you don't have to like the music, JUST don't bully me for it) RCTA/ECTA people.(get help bro) » Continue Reading

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People to stay away from, because I've had experience with them

Category: SpaceHey

This isn't hate at all!! I promise it's just a warning!! Del /tommy They kept unfriending people without warning. They don't like NSFW but when they post it no one bats and eye. They kept talking about my friends who didn't even do anything to them.          2. Zeno He was responsible for one of the gore accounts and he's generally a horrible person. 3. THIS IS WILD. ash Bro got mad at me because ... » Continue Reading

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Playlist blog!!

Category: Music

Here they are!! Kyo sohma - a hopeless romantic Link Road trip!! (Me and my friends playlist for Vaca!) Another link Girl groups!! Here! Boy groups!! My boys > Still working on this one #feeling majestic Made this one today SKZ!! Love them sm Me and my bsfs playlist 💜 I love her sm Kpop! Mwah New jeans Another link Late night songs Heh Still working on a lot of these! » Continue Reading

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First one shot of the series!!

Category: Books and Stories

Fire works are going off. Its forth of July) Slowly, Damien comes up behind you with a knife in his hand. You turn around and see him, standing, arm in the air, about to swing the knife on your head. "Shit." He mumbled "Wait. Can we finish the fire works..?' You say, with a shakey voice . "What? Your not going to run..?" He said surprised. "Its my time I suppose." You turn to watch the fireworks. ... » Continue Reading

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Books that I loved/love

Category: Books and Stories

ice breaker the selection series (every hate it idk why!!) Harry Potter Percy Jackson Heart stopper (one and four specifically) long live the pumpkin queen The love hypothesis Delirium (the whole series) Adding more soon? » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

Some things about me! I don't know how to read tone so do tone tags! I'm bi im a older sister if I vent too much tell me i have OCD, severe anxiety, (diagnosed) and possibly ADHD (therapist thinks I have it.) Im some sort of a psychic medium (meaning I can see shadow figures very clearly and ghosts.) Please respect this and don't call me crazy  If you hate on my music/taste in anything I will most... » Continue Reading

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