First one shot of the series!!

Fire works are going off. Its forth of July)

Slowly, Damien comes up behind you with a knife in his hand. You turn around and see him, standing, arm in the air, about to swing the knife on your head.

"Shit." He mumbled

"Wait. Can we finish the fire works..?' You say, with a shakey voice.

"What? Your not going to run..?" He said surprised.

"Its my time I suppose." You turn to watch the fireworks.

He watches with you. He planned this. He made you fall in love with him, made you trust him. He didn't know he'd feel the same way. 

A few minutes later, they stop. You know it's your time. You turn to him and close your eyes

"At least make it fast?" You joked, with tears in your eyes.

He stabbed you right in the gut hitting a major organ. You cough up blood and fall into him. Slowly you bleed out. Your breath slows till your heart beats no more. He slowly lowers himself to the ground 

"Shit, im so sorry.." Damien speaks shaking. 

He killed you. He slowly got up leaving you there. Then he ran. He ran for miles. 

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