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Category: Friends

Obligatory pinned blog with the url for my discord. Please click here  for the advertisement pasted on a rentry. If you want to join the server directly, click here . Consider reading the advert before joining so you understand what the server is about and what type of people are in there.  The server itself is themed after Moonlight cookie and the City of Wizards, but it actually consists of an a... » Continue Reading

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The fruits of arduous labor. I feel as though I’m withering.

Category: Friends

Before you interact Stances aside, there might be some things you want to keep in mind before adding me or scrolling aimlessly through my blog. I block very liberally. I see antishipper? I block. It's for my safety. I have diagnosed AuDHD and DID, alongside a slew of medically recognised illnesses i may rant about occasionally but don't feel like officially listing. I am on medication for schizoph... » Continue Reading

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Utter to me what you think the ideal is.

Category: Blogging

Stances: Run of the mill retarded schizo freak queer tranny hermaphrodite heretic (non christian) chink from the southeast.  Neurodivergent, disabled, intersex, bi, POC witch. Paler than paper yet still getting hatecrimed because I had the misfortune of having an epicanthic fold. I can reclaim all that I say, but am under no obligation to share personal documentation or intel on the internet to pr... » Continue Reading

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#4: Being a Conceptkin.

Category: Religion and Philosophy

Yi Sang's life laments: Entry #04 This is an entirely ruminative and personal post born from the thoughts permeating my mind about the nature of who I am and my identity. I am, in fact, entirely content with this forum making no sense, because there's no way I could possibly label my abstract experiences with the confining nature of words in a way that will make sense to everyone or even communica... » Continue Reading

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#2: A Day's Solitude.

Category: Writing and Poetry

Yi Sang's inspired stumps: Entry #2. At the crack of dawn you crawl under my blankets and into my bed To embrace me in the sunlight Of yet another solemn day. By noon you lie restful on my lounge My relentless, winsome muse So that you could watch me dearly As I painted a portrait of you. Tea time comes and you sit parallel To me in that empty seat at our table Where you idly stir your cold black ... » Continue Reading

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#3: Proust’s Questionnaire.

Category: Quiz/Survey

Yi Sang's life laments: Entry #03 What is your idea of perfect happiness? I believe there to be such thing as perfect happiness, there is no bliss that doesn't come with a cost. Even then, all happiness is defined by the misery that complements it, and without all consuming agony, there is no all consuming joy. But I'd say being able to listen to the soft snores of my partner sleeping on quiet nig... » Continue Reading

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#2: A certain doctor.

Category: Games

Yi Sang's life laments: Entry #2. Baizhu has this power to make me feel things by just tying his hair up. Oh, that man is beautiful; my ferocious love for him rivals the cosmos. (Has Baizhu as f/o) » Continue Reading

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#0: Broken Child.

Category: Writing and Poetry

Yi Sang's inspired stumps: Entry #0 In my mother tongue, the word to say something is broken, and to say that someone has been naughty, is the same. I often reminisce the days where my mother would grow furious at me, be it for cooking the rice just a little too soft, or for waking up just a few minutes too late. To her, we children are objects to their owners. For as long as we are within her pos... » Continue Reading

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#1: Sleeplessness.

Category: Life

Yi Sang's life laments: Entry #1. To give an update, I find myself plagued with whispers from a distant past. Their exact content is murky to me, however, I do discern that they are rather unpleasant. That being said, I've failed to do what most would consider a basic human function: falling asleep when fatigued. The clock has already long struck past midnight, but I still find myself unable to cl... » Continue Reading

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#1: Paper humans

Category: Writing and Poetry

Yi Sang's inspired stumps: Entry #1 I am under the belief that every person, including mineself, is made of paper. We all start off as a blank sheet of paper, with not even as much as any crinkles of conjecture in it. But soon, the hands start cutting, tearing, wrinkling, and drawing. With markers, they'll colour in our ideals, and then they'll shape our image with rough, imperfect tears; after th... » Continue Reading

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