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The fruits of arduous labor. I feel as though I’m withering.

Before you interact

Stances aside, there might be some things you want to keep in mind before adding me or scrolling aimlessly through my blog.

  • I block very liberally. I see antishipper? I block. It's for my safety.
  • I have diagnosed AuDHD and DID, alongside a slew of medically recognised illnesses i may rant about occasionally but don't feel like officially listing.
  • I am on medication for schizophrenia and may or may not start posting the most absurd blogs known to mankind the second they run out.
  • I tag all problematic ships, dead dove, body horror etc. with a CW in the title of the entry. I do not tag posts to do with health or foods.
  •  It should be noted I tend to not be very emotive, speak "strangely" and "monotonously" or "with observational distance" (as described by others) and have a habit of being distant.
  • I do have a habit of studying people I disagree with like a specimen, though. Please do not bother questioning me about why I do such things.
  • I can't stand eyestrain and if you put anything like that in the comments I will block you and delete the comment.
  • I have thoughtforms. No, I don't believe having thoughtforms make you a system, nor does it have anything to do with "spiritual systems".


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