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Somebody is listening??

Category: Blogging

Dear Internet, It's me again. I'm sick and I seem to have lost my voice. I got the worst sleep last night and I'm expected to be doing college homework currently. I just can't seem to focus. I'm writing this because I did notice someone left kudos on my last blog entry and it prompted some thoughts within me. Offline, I'm just a girl sitting on her bed, typing away on an old laptop. And I found it... » Continue Reading

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Letter to nobody

Category: Blogging

Dear Internet, it's me again!! I'm currently sitting in my bed writing this just after re-doing my layout for the zillionth time and I wanted to reflect for a bit, so here's a brief overview of where I'm at right now in my life. I'm 19 as of January 9th. I had the worst birthday ever this year. I had to go back to college from 10am to 10pm, and then after all of that, I was just tired as hell and ... » Continue Reading

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Learn More!

Category: Quiz/Survey

GENERAL   Name: Monty Pronouns: She/Her/Any Birthday: January 9th » Continue Reading

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college vs life

Category: Blogging

hellloooooo internet its ya gurl monty.  i cant quite tell if i'm in the middle of a depressive episode or if im in the middle of a manic episode.... like, i'm not feeling great lately and i often just want to stay in bed all day- and i binge eat until im sick to my stomach.  but on the other hand i have the strong desire to get out and socialize, stay up all night and do drugs. since i've moved o... » Continue Reading

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Life Update March 5th!! New Clothez soon ?! °0°!!!

Category: Life

eyyyy bitchez i've been really sick lately, so that's why i havent been online much i ended up visiting the hospital Thursday and got diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection (it started last sunday night) but!!!! I'm feeling a lot better now after a week of resting up i've been really bummed out lately so I've been thinking of visiting the mall or maybe even teh thrift for some cute shirts a... » Continue Reading

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