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Category: Blogging

Throwing it back to my OG MySpace days. I miss those days, ngl. » Continue Reading

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g3t t0 kn0w m3!! ^__^

Category: Life

Here are 15 random question no one asked for, but I am going to answer anyway! :D If you could live anywhere, where would it be? *I grew up just south of STL, and always lo » Continue Reading

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Category: Pets and Animals

Hello Friends! It has been a while. I said before I wanted to share more about myself, so here are some pictures of my pets! :) The fl00fy calico is Cali, the widdle polydactyl is Izzy, and the shithead pupper is Bowser. They're my little buddies. ^__^ » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

This might make me seem like a total nerd, BUT. As stated in my About Me, I do write fanfic. I have for 15+ years, and I like to think my writing skills have aged like fine wine.  I looove getting feedback on my writing, so if you wanted to, like..y'know...read some, and let me know what you think...that would be cool. (I'm going to be honest - there is a LOT of smut. lol) » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Since the whole point of coming on here is to make friends, I thought I would share some recent pics of myself which I kind of like, and let you get to know me. So here's my stupid face. :3 » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

Soo, I have more than one Instagram account - multiple fangirl accounts, tbh. SO. Instead of only having a link to just one, I thought it might be better to share them here. :3 FANGIRL ACCT FOR:: ~The Undertaker -- @deadmanhbk ~Marilyn Manson -- @___s.aint » Continue Reading

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