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Sculpted by a Drunk Apollo

Category: Writing and Poetry

This is a poem I wrote inspired two Greek myths, the first one is that Apollo made transgender people on accident while drunk and trying to create gay people, the second is that humans were molded by the gods from clay. This is about my genderfluidity and the dysphoria that comes with the body I was born in, I know its not very good but i wanted to share anyway :) hope you like it! Sculpted by a D... » Continue Reading

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socializing irl

Category: Life

This is mostly just gonna be me ranting about my social skills tbh, that's ur warning take it and run I just can't make any friends irl. I'm not often in positions where I can just go up and talk to someone my age casually, especially cuz I'm autistic it's extra hard cuz I can't tell when people are tired of me or when I need to stop talking. I only have like one friend and I don't actually think ... » Continue Reading

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posting art online

Category: Blogging

I genuinely hate posting my art nowadays. a few days ago instagram took down a two year old drawing i made, which im really mad at because i use instagram to keep track of my art progress. and i hate to post art on twitter because of all the ai shit. tumblr is basically the only place i can post art with no issue but thats the place where i have the most trouble with reach, i get 10 notes a post i... » Continue Reading

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