Sculpted by a Drunk Apollo

This is a poem I wrote inspired two Greek myths, the first one is that Apollo made transgender people on accident while drunk and trying to create gay people, the second is that humans were molded by the gods from clay. This is about my genderfluidity and the dysphoria that comes with the body I was born in, I know its not very good but i wanted to share anyway :) hope you like it!

Sculpted by a Drunk Apollo, by Nex Pendragon

A body made of clay

Sculpted by a drunk Apollo

Intoxicated by the nectar of Gods

My form was once movable

Shifting by the touch of his hands

My body soft and infinite

I could have been anything

But he gifted me with a curse

The God shoved me into the wrong mold

The wrong name branded into my skin

And I was put into an oven

Goddess of the hearth, Goddess of warmth, Hestia solidified my state

A statue of stone I became

Like a fool wandering into Medusa's cave

Sculpted by a drunk Apollo

My body was returned to the earth where it was once nothing and all

I sobbed and prayed to the sun God

Make me clay again

I begged

But too late were my my words

For he no longer remembered his night of sipping nectar

The name etched into my skin burned like poison

And when my mother said it I would try not to listen

The body I was gifted was no present

It wasn't mine to use as I pleased

Sculpted by a drunk Apollo

My body laid still

Quietly swaying in the ocean

As broken pieces of my pottery made skull

Stood shattered under a cliff adorned with rocks

Aphrodite was born like a pearl picked from a clam

But my body will never again walk along man

I wonder sometimes if he cared for his work at all

I wonder sometimes if my fate would end the same

If I wasn't sculpted

By a drunk Apollo  

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