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socializing irl

This is mostly just gonna be me ranting about my social skills tbh, that's ur warning take it and run

I just can't make any friends irl. I'm not often in positions where I can just go up and talk to someone my age casually, especially cuz I'm autistic it's extra hard cuz I can't tell when people are tired of me or when I need to stop talking. I only have like one friend and I don't actually think she is my friend cuz she's like 4 years younger then me and I'm the only one who ever really starts conversations or asks to hang out. Making friends is so fucking hard man I just wish I was normal and had decent social skills, I'm so lonely all the time and it actually really sucks even though I put up the "I like being alone" facade with my family. Sure I'm a very big introvert but I do still wanna like go to the thrift store with friends and get coffee or something. That's about all I have to say ig

See ya humanoids 👽

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