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Growing Up the Non-favoured Type of Asian

Category: Life

TW: Serious Topic, Mentions of Racism, Genocide/War Sometimes I think about how not a lot of people know about my country, and that I am not like a lot of other Asian people. I'm part Chinese, but not Chinese enough, I'm primarily Cambodian, and many people only know about my country because of the genocide that happened in the 70s.  Sometimes, I wish that I was fully Chinese, or Viet, or that I w... » Continue Reading

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Good Ways to Set Up/Recording Music ?

Category: Music

Heyy, I need recs or help on how to record audio on PC or mobile ? (Pref PC) I want to start recording screamo covers of some of my fav songs so I can hear my vocal progression properly, and just possibly share them..but I'm also super shy lol Any tips of how I should start out ? I am a total newbie.  » Continue Reading

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Post Concert Depression Is 2 REAL !!

Category: Music

Post Concert Depression always makes me so   SSSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAADDDDD !! It makes me so sad whenever I leave a concert bc I can't scream the lyrics into a loud crowd anymore :( no more moshing, no head banging, no more feeling the bass vibrations in my spine...ughhh..sometimes I wish co » Continue Reading

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