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The V Stands for Vampire

✶ Background ✶

I am an old timer emo, who has been blogging on MySpace and Tumblr since about 2015, I have always been more into older media, and finally gave SpaceHey a chance. I have been dressing in emo, gothic, scene, etc. fashion since elementary school, and as a near adult, I haven't changed a bit ! 

✶ Who Even R U ? ✶

I'm a 17 year old metalhead, vampire who is obsessed with emo culture (and bunnies). I love literature, especially poetry and is often writing. I often go to local and mainstream concerts, so I will def always try to blog abt that when I can. I am also a huge nerd when it comes to music, animals, and anime ! I try to play video games, but I'm not very good at them. I also do metal vocals and sing from time to time :).

✶ Why Should We Be Friends ? ✶

I luv fashion and can give u fashion advice ! I can also give you makeup and skin care advice, I will probably write u a poem at some point, I love doing art can do art trades or collabs whenever I feelz like it, I'm super cringe like u probably, you can carry me in video games ! I love philosophy and can have any sort of deep and meaningful conversation. Anndd I'm always down for karaoke or watching a show/movie ! I'm also never boring ever (lying). My IMs are ALWAYYSS open !

Tysmm for reading :) Add me ! Don't be a stranger. 

I bite tho 

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u seem soo cool ! u domt need to reply but do u have any metal bands u recommend? :]

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