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Thoughts on Born to Die by LDR

Category: Music

Currently listening to the Born To Die album by Lana Del Rey. Its such a masterpiece!The poetry,rythm,everything about it is so well written.Everytime i listen to  born to die I enter a whole nother universe of glitz and glamour.I dont get it why critics where so harsh on this album.Personally, I can say that this is one of Lanas best albums.Although it was pictured as the epitome of  90s American... » Continue Reading

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Lana del rey song guide

Category: Music

If you are a new Lana del rey fan and dont know where to start listening to here songs this blog is just for you! The basics These are songs that EVERY lana del rey stan knows and even somebody that doesnt listen to her does! Summertime Sadness Video Games Born to die Blue jeans West coast doin time Beginner fan Most of these Lana fans that dont have much time of listening to her,but know the basi... » Continue Reading

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Song analysis-the greatest Lana Del Rey

Category: Music

The greatest I miss Long Beach and I miss you, babe I miss dancing with you the most of all I miss the bar where the Beach Boys would go Dennis' last stop before Kokomo.. Chorus And I'm wasted Don't leave, I just need a wake-up call I'm facing the greatest The greatest loss of them all The culture is lit and I had a ball I guess I'm signing off after all... If this is it, I'm signing off Miss doin... » Continue Reading

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Friendships with people of the other gender.

Category: Friends

In the world that we live in people are becoming more open-minded and now the once lets say taboo,of having a friendship with someone of the other gender is normalized.(tbh it should be) I get it that for some people it might be awkward to have a friendship with the other gender weird but why should it be?Personally I have a very close friendship with a boy in my grade.And no I dont like him and h... » Continue Reading

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about me !!<3

Category: SpaceHey

Hiii and welcome to my blog!This blog will be about fashion,music and pop culture! I will also write about poetry and share some of my interests. Hope you like it! » Continue Reading

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