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Thoughts on Born to Die by LDR

Currently listening to the Born To Die album by Lana Del Rey.

Its such a masterpiece!The poetry,rythm,everything about it is so well written.Everytime i listen to  born to die I enter a whole nother universe of glitz and glamour.I dont get it why critics where so harsh on this album.Personally, I can say that this is one of Lanas best albums.Although it was pictured as the epitome of 90s Americana culture and romanticizing toxic feminity and relaying on another mans love for you I think we should not dig to deep into the meaning of it.Because to me music is a form of art that is unique to you and everyone experiences it differently even though the poetry is the same.

I am ending this blog with a quote from Million dollar man.

-One for the money,two for the show...

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