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Lana del rey song guide

If you are a new Lana del rey fan and dont know where to start listening to here songs this blog is just for you!

The basics

These are songs that EVERY lana del rey stan knows and even somebody that doesnt listen to her does!

  • Summertime Sadness
  • Video Games
  • Born to die
  • Blue jeans
  • West coast
  • doin time

  • Beginner fan

    Most of these Lana fans that dont have much time of listening to her,but know the basics have listened to these songs.Or some would dare to call "tiktok" fans

    • carmen
    • national anthem
    • diet mountain dew
    • ultraviolence
    • brooklyn baby
    • the other woman
    • ride
    • venice bitch
    • cinnamon girl
    • art deco
    • a&w
    • chemtrails over the country club

    Intermediate fan

    These fans know what they are talking about when it comes to Lana Del Rey`s music.

    • Off to the races
    • this is what makes us girls
    • lolita
    • dark paradise
    • radio
    • million dollar man
    • cola
    • burning desire
    • old money
    • fucked my way up to the top
    • the other woman
    • high by the beach
    • freak
    • salvatore
    • mariners apartment complex
    • how to disappear
    • the greatest
    • hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have
    • tulsa jesus freak

    OG lana stan

    These lana "stans" know EVERY lana del rey song,but the ones mentioned below are problably their favourites,and she knows every lyric by heart.Its no suprise that some of these songs are unreleased.

    • without you
    • body electric
    • bel air
    • pretty when you cry
    • money power glory
    • florida kilos
    • every man gets his wish
    • guns and roses
    • music to watch boys to
    • the blackest day
    • religion
    • california
    • white dress
    • tulsa jesus freak
    • yosemite
    • breaking up slowly
    • fingertips
    • peppers
    • taco truck x vb
    • hollywood
    • serial killer

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    Marceline Pandora

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    woah its like a song guide
    imean, it kinda is but i'll look into the songs!

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    tysm for supporting my blog!Lmk if you liked the songs and if this was helpfull!

    by E ♱; ; Report

    tysm for supporting my blog!Lmk if you liked the songs and if this was helpfull!

    by E ♱; ; Report