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I keep seeing blogs that are.. err.. not good. TW ahead

Category: SpaceHey

tw  for: mentions of gore and suicide Hi, I just am wondering, why is there so much..negative stuff on the front page of the blogs?? its sad, I thought this website was just for chillin' out, but suddenly theres creeps on the loose and people spreading gore?? not to mention a post I saw about someone wanting to kill themselves with no tw.. I don't want this post to go against the rules, but the ot... » Continue Reading

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I got new friends!

Category: Friends

 y a y ! ! !   idk if im still gonna be al0one at lunch but yeah we play Roblox and yes.anyways. what the freak do I freakin' post what would y'all even wanna see..?? what do others post on here?? I could post crocheting stuff or uhh. also, how do I make blogs with a layout?  bye ^_^ » Continue Reading

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fnaf movie was FIRE

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

ok I watched it a few days ago, and I loved it....idk how people were upset cause it wasn't game lore. like, I thought we knew that?? you obviously didn't watch gacha fnaf aus. the whole point of it not being game lore is because its a different universe!!!!1! idk if this even makes sense LOLLOLLOOL but idk I liked it, I want another movie, and I thought it was an interesting perspective on the fn... » Continue Reading

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Category: Friends

its my first day on pony town and ive already made an oc and ive made medkit from phighting + 2 friends so silly so fun so yay.  » Continue Reading

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Grian Minecraft

Category: Games

Im becoming a huge grain fan im on like ep 51 of hermit craft 6 and ive watched the entirty of double life in the past 2 weeks ^_^ SCAR NOO!! funny to think I went from one brit (stampy) to another (dantdm) to him » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

DO YOU GUYS WANT ME TO TALK ABOUT MY LEMON DEMON AUS??? (au's as in like stories about the songs.) GUYS HEAR ME OUT....I've been thinking about this non-stop and it's about "The ocean" from view monster and "deep in the ocean" from dinosaurchestra. ok so like I was thinking, Deep in the ocean is about humans and fish swapping roles. but the magic wristwatch thing?? what if instead of all the human... » Continue Reading

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Someone is obsessed with me

Category: Friends

Soo um today my friend told me that a kid I hate and have had drama with sent my rant to the friend. This was before summer break so it’s a while ago but this dude went out of his way to work with one of my other friends to try and make my friend (that I did rant about, and we are friends again.) not like me because he’s still upset about me leaving the friendship because he was an asshole So if y... » Continue Reading

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lemon demon fanfic rec??

Category: Books and Stories

ok so i'm not one to read fan fiction about romance or read serious fan fictions or even recommend them but my mutual on TikTok made this and I read it and so far im actually loving. its so sillY! its called " THE ARCADE MACHINE IN THIS TOWN IS ALIVE AND KINDA CUTE ?! " on ao3 lawl!! it has 3 chapters so far and its cute. its ongoing so don't worry about being left with an unfinished book that has... » Continue Reading

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summer reading pls help

Category: Books and Stories

what do I even post on here  I have to do summer reading cause my mom is forcing me to but I like really DONT wanna do it....soooo if you have book recs that are specifically ghost stories that are not horror but more of like the ghosts perspective??? or anything that I have in my interests ig.. I prob will get by with just not doing it this year but just in case. also pls don't give me a long boo... » Continue Reading

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Charlie in the underworld

Category: Books and Stories

THERES NO CHARLIE IN THE UNDERWORLD FANS ON HERE...IM SO SAD.   LOOKED THROUGH EVERYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE (not very thoroughly BUT STILL!!) THERES NOTHINGGGGG :(( I've only been able to find things on Pinterest, twitter, Tumblr, and on TikTok, and its not a lot of stuff. i   also found stuff on ao3, but im more of a writer than a reader. ITS SUCH A SILLY STORY (I cried to it at one point) AND I LO... » Continue Reading

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Field trip

Category: Travel and Places

I went on a field trip today!!! It was a whale watch, but we didn’t see anything. It’s almost like a gift, my birthday was yesterday so..and it was true first time on a boat like that one. I’ve only been on a kayak. It was rlly fun and I recommend if you want something fun to do!!!!!!  Bye 🦈 » Continue Reading

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schools almost overrrrr!!

Category: School, College, University

HI GUYSSSS1!1!!11! School is almost over!! I have 2 weeks left!! super excited to get the hell out of that place, its so boring. I had some drama this year, not as much as last year though. im going to summer camp again this year, im really happy about that. that's all I guess BYEEEEEE!!! » Continue Reading

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