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Changing my layout

Category: Blogging

I know this is kind of silly and doesn’t deserve a blog but I like talking about nothing, so here it goes I guess. I’ve found lately that my entire layout is stressing me out- I’ve become too preoccupied trying to drive what to put, where to put it, how to present myself in a certain way, what to put to make my layout all unique and… it’s making me not want to use this site. So what is my solution... » Continue Reading

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We need to clean up this site badly

Category: SpaceHey

Sorry if this seems like its all over the place, I'm not in the best spot to be writing right now, might edit later. I don't know what it is about spacehey, but it seems to attract the absolute worse demographic of any site I've used in the past. even the most rancid sites have a better userbase than this, which is made for EVERYONE. First off, let's address the elephant in the room- gore. There N... » Continue Reading

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using spacehey to make stories/ARGS?

Category: Books and Stories

lately ive been looking at a lot of stories that use certain platforms to aid their stories, such as sexygirlmax2019 on tumblr and  brandonworks6443 on ROBLOX (I know this one is a webseries but you get the gist) What if there was something li » Continue Reading

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what the fuck

Category: SpaceHey

are there any normal people on this site. why has this site just deranged into gore and callout posts. who are you people. are any posts on this site real » Continue Reading

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Starting my OG Xbox/Xbox 360/ps2 collection

Category: Games

Now that school is coming to a close and i’ll finally be leaving, i’m thinking of treating myself to either an xbox 360 or og xbox. I’m leaning more towards Xbox 360 since they’re backwards compatible and the Xbox 360 store is closing down soon and I really want to get some stuff before it’s gone :(( i’ve been playing my Xbox 360 games (fallout new vegas, mw2, black ops, avp 2010) all on my Xbox o... » Continue Reading

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