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We need to clean up this site badly

Sorry if this seems like its all over the place, I'm not in the best spot to be writing right now, might edit later.

I don't know what it is about spacehey, but it seems to attract the absolute worse demographic of any site I've used in the past. even the most rancid sites have a better userbase than this, which is made for EVERYONE.

First off, let's address the elephant in the room- gore. There NEEDS to be better moderation, because no matter what, I see gore slipping through the cracks, even on accounts I see blogging regularly. Where the hell are the mods? what are they doing to stop this? are they even trying? either there needs to be more mods, or better moderation. No buts, no maybes, it's a need. There are children on this site and others who just want to blog in peace.

Second off, the drama. Why is there just so much drama on this site? The blog page is just constantly clogged up with callout posts and posts exposing people. Look, I understand that every site has drama and people need to be warned about unsavoury characters, but come on, It's fucking everywhere. I'm just trying to blog and read people's blogs but every top blog is a fucking callout post, this site is literally meant for blogging at the end of the day. I know this isn't really something that can be stopped by mods.

Thirdly, the userbase. Basically the same as what I said for gore- why are there so many bad apples on this site? constant doxxing and general assholery... not to mention the spam and nsfw profiles with literal criminals as their profile pics. What the fuck?

I'll probably edit this with more observations and whiny complaints later, but right now these things are on my mind.

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Fr sometimes it feels pointless to come back on the website cause I know exactly what I’m gonna see when I log back in At least I get to see some people showing off their cool things every 1,000 callouts

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literally made this account yesterday WTFFF

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zombii♥︎kissez (#1 jazmin bean stan)

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(Tw) Real!! This girl added me once and her profile seemed nice so I added her back. Like 2 days later, I looked at her profile again and her account was suddenly just really fuckibg weird...
There were pics of girls HALF naked being tied down on tables and men ontop of them in a position that's just rlly disturbing and weird... it looked like a full on kidnapping scene from a movie. Her pfp was also a mugshot. I reverse image searched it, and turns out it was a REAL criminal... um wtf? Literally wtf?
I called her out for it and she deleted her account a few hours later... fucking weird.

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SO REAL i made this account to interact with people and just do what this site is about but i dont wanna hear about why "🌴🔳/🍋☎️/NEPTUNE!!" is transphobic for accidentally misgendering your cat . i swear everyone on this site is chronically online, worse than discord atp

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literally wtf!! why is this site becoming pinterest and twitter’s hate child it’s literally a place to blog and make friends and be silly

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