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this girl in my band thinks im hot

Category: Friends

So I'm in this band and I sent a picture of soldier x engineer from tf2 kissing captioned with "could be us." Then she asked if I liked her romantically and i said not really. She then said that that was a missed opportunity so I was like "well then yeah i like you :3." Then she said she thought I was hot!!!!  This is freaking epic » Continue Reading

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I'm working on a emesis blue parody

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

There's this movie called emesis blue, and it's really good. Its a horror movie based on tf2, and tf2 is goofy, so i was like "oh ok what if i made it funny and lore accurate." so yeah :P. » Continue Reading

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My friend is so bad at responding

Category: Life

Alright so before spring break, I asked him if he was free. He said yes. Now spring break started, and I asked him if he wanted to hang out, no response, he didn't even read it. This goes on for a few days, I text him maybe twice a day. I skip a few days blah blah blah. EVERY SINGLE DAY, HE HASN'T RESPONDED OR EVEN READ MY TEXTS ALL WEEK. >:((((( » Continue Reading

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First blog entry

Category: SpaceHey

Alright, i just joined, whats going on here? » Continue Reading

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