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A 25 y/o with too many hopes and dreams.

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venting + life updates

Category: Blogging

Work sucked major ass this morning. Kept getting stuck on a single video project because it wouldn't render properly, and I was running out of time to submit it before it aired on TV. Really, I felt like I was gonna cry because it took almost an hour to make for a two-minute teaser. Stupid ass Premiere Pro needs to fix their shit... As for the comic contest, the deadline is getting closer (June 30... » Continue Reading

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anna oop

Category: Blogging

i'm entering a webcomic contest for Tapas soon and i already have a bunch of other projects that i've started but haven't finished yet lmao... also, i need to sleep. i've got work in three hours and i've been up since yesterday... » Continue Reading

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New Laptop Battery!

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Just installed a new battery for my laptop and it's working pretty well so far~! » Continue Reading

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sharing some rave music

Category: Music Been listening to this on repeat for the past couple of days... » Continue Reading

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late night eats

Category: Blogging

it's currently 12:30AM where i live right now and i haven't eaten anything all day kill me » Continue Reading

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my job sucks + Gen AI rambling

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

WARNING I go on a tangent about Generative AI practices, eating the rich and getting political... ___________________________________________________________________ I just had to finish a thirty-minute training video about how Generative AI is the future for my company and how it would "increase productivity." No the fuck it won't. It might "produce" extra money for you conglomerates, but the bot... » Continue Reading

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Animating Crazy

Category: Art and Photography

Procreate Dreams is driving me insaneeeee. I've got one mind to go back to ToonSquid, but I'll try to find a way to use both for now. Recently, I've been inspired by an old Newgrounds animator named Andrew Kerekes (I used to watch his stuff all the time before he deleted them). So now I'm getting a bit of task paralysis by trying to be as creative as possible; and Procreate Dreams being the worst ... » Continue Reading

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i'm in my mysterious era

Category: Life

i'm keeping things to myself this year so nobody will know anything about me huhuhuhuhuhuhu » Continue Reading

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Anorexia Comic Idea

Category: Books and Stories

So, I have a general idea for a comic that I want to draw, which is about a young, teen girl suffering from anorexia. I don't know exactly where I'll post it once I'm finished, but before I do, I'd like to get some pointers about what I should NOT include. The last thing I'd want is to trigger my potential readers, if you catch my drift. » Continue Reading

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Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

So I've been making a habit of buying movies from the bargain bin at Walmart and stores like f.y.e so I can watch them later for the past year or so... Y'all, I have too many movies in my watch later pile!!! I've got 21 right now! HELP!!!! » Continue Reading

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Profile Page Update

Category: Blogging

Alright! I like the new profile theme~. Maybe I'll keep it this way for a while... » Continue Reading

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New Clothes From Amazon

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

So, I bought some thermal leggings and socks from Amazon a few days ago. They fit pretty good, so I put them in the washing machine, and I can't wait to wear them tomorrow. The only downside is that you have to lay them flat to dry. I don't really think I can chuck them into the dryer and call it a day, can I? » Continue Reading

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