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Pretty disappointed

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was expecting a delivery from Vapor95, with two articles of clothing in it. The first thing was great! Loved the button-down shirt, great fabric, great job on the patterning, doesn't feel cheap. Initially, I was very excited to see the jacket, too. Same thing, looked and felt great, didn't in any way feel cheap. Except when I looked at the back of the jacket... » Continue Reading

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Bought some new clothes, waiting for delivery

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Editing this blog is a little odd. Feels like I don't have full control over the blog entries when I want to do certain things. Sometimes some interactions work, and sometimes they don't I keep trying to add pictures, and it's struggling to do so. Actually, it finally looks like it's inputting pictures now. I'm gonna show off some of the clothes I just recently bought from Vapor95. I ordered them ... » Continue Reading

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Fingers crossed 🤞

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news to come soon. Sometimes you just gotta hope for the best. My hopes are pretry high this time, though. » Continue Reading

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Updated with music from Soundcloud

Category: Music

Sweet, I still managed to remember how to read and write a little bit of html. Took somebody else's layout for a very specific Soundcloud song, gutted it a little, and then found another song I wanted and replaced the html to redirect to the song I wanted. Now John Desire's cover of Hot Limit sits on my profile. Cool. » Continue Reading

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Just to put something here

Category: Blogging

Honestly, I don't see myself using this a lot, and I don't think a lot of my friends are coming here, either. But it's kinda fun to relive the atmosphere of my times in late high school into early college with a place that looks like this. Just gonna hold this spot down for myself for now. That's about it. » Continue Reading

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