Bought some new clothes, waiting for delivery

Editing this blog is a little odd. Feels like I don't have full control over the blog entries when I want to do certain things. Sometimes some interactions work, and sometimes they don't I keep trying to add pictures, and it's struggling to do so.

Actually, it finally looks like it's inputting pictures now. I'm gonna show off some of the clothes I just recently bought from Vapor95. I ordered them several days back, and now I'm just sitting and waiting for them to actually finish making them and send them to me. I loved this button-down Hawaiian-style shirt, labeled as "Millennium Tech Hawaiian Shirt".


And the other thing I purchased is called a "Frequency Modulation Bomber Jacket". I dunno, this art is SO good, and just looks like the most early-90s windbreaker trash that I love.

The clothes are a little expensive, but it's slow fashion made out here in Los Angeles, rather than fast fashion made in another country through slave labor, so to me it felt worth it. It's absolutely my kind of beautiful-ugly. I can't wait for it to show up. I'll take pictures when they get here.

If you're interested in seeing these clothes for yourself and others like it, you can check out the selection at Vapor95.

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