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Interests Collage

Category: Art and Photography

Hello again internet, I hope your days have been well. I am writing this (or well, typing,) from my beloved precalculus class. Next year onto discrete mathematics, but not quite yet, though the year nears its close. I greet you today to share some art, of sanders sides and my other interests. The first contains allusions to the lyrics and titles of some songs I enjoy, including New Math, Reaganomi... » Continue Reading

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Kandi Singles

Category: Art and Photography

2 for music we like and 1 of my own. The Blinkies of the wrist. Butters helped create them. - Log » Continue Reading

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Todays bracelet set!

Category: Art and Photography

Very small set of bracelets today, most of my Kandi is too small for me so we'll probably make more some time :3 feel free to suggest ideas related to our interests  - butters (though logan picked out that blue bracelet) » Continue Reading

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disorganized new spiderverse ramblings! (slight spoilers)

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I loved the representation of Miles not knowing his language super well, I'm half mexican but also only grew up speaking small amounts of it rather than being taught both languages so I 100% get it X.X I'm learning it in school now too so very relatable tbh!! The plot of the new movie reminded me in a way of a book I read in english class recently, The Long Way Down, both having themes of free wil... » Continue Reading

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Hello World!

Category: Blogging

Welcome to our blog! Today I have been introduced to this wonderful website by our boyfriend! I have such a love of webcore and the old internet, so this delights me. Have a wonderful day. - Logan » Continue Reading

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