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Hello again internet, I hope your days have been well. I am writing this (or well, typing,) from my beloved precalculus class. Next year onto discrete mathematics, but not quite yet, though the year nears its close. I greet you today to share some art, of sanders sides and my other interests. The first contains allusions to the lyrics and titles of some songs I enjoy, including New Math, Reaganomics, The Big Bang Theory, Poisoning Pigeons In The Park, and Fitter, Happier, More Productive. It also includes reference to Logan Sanders of Sanders Sides, the origin of my name (and appearance.) These are in the form of the brain logo and the quote “falsehood.” 20230608-091401-2 In addition I have illustrated some of the sanders sides. Some of our friends have already seen these, but I decided they were worth sharing. I have been watching much Sanders Sides, it is one of my few worldly pleasures. I would recommend it, it is a good tool for understanding the processing of emotions, anxiety, motivation, etc. Tumblr-l-274334293594254Tumblr-l-274332425065817Tumblr-l-274327729982382 That is all for now. I wish you all a brilliant remainder of your day.

 - Logan

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I love your art!!! Its so awesome!!!

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Tj's Hollow

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I just noticed I wrote the math problem very wrong, my bad - butters and log

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The correct problem, if you're wondering, was 342-173.

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