disorganized new spiderverse ramblings! (slight spoilers)

I loved the representation of Miles not knowing his language super well, I'm half mexican but also only grew up speaking small amounts of it rather than being taught both languages so I 100% get it X.X I'm learning it in school now too so very relatable tbh!!

The plot of the new movie reminded me in a way of a book I read in english class recently, The Long Way Down, both having themes of free will and trying to rebel against the societal "rules"- Its something I really like! and both stories have that sort of debate asking whether it even is the right thing to follow or break the standard, that's something I really enjoy, though I think spiderverse could've done a better job of making the audience WONDER which is the right option rather than painting miguel so strongly as a villain... 

I actually really love miguel, he has such good motivations, hes hispanic like us, hes a vampire dude (sick, we love vampires round here), hes logical like logan, but also emotional and caring, hes so <333! i relate more to miles but I think Miguel just sooo cool!

I wish there had been more Peter and Pavitr but both of them carried so hard during their screen time! absolutely adore them, I won't spoil anything but Peter had so many cute moments. 

My computer is kinda on the verge of death rn so I'll speedrun the others: Spider punk ROCKED best character frfr, Gwen had such an interesting arc and god i love the art style of her universe, Miles parent's writing was so damn nice, and I'm excited to see more of the characters who didn't get a lot of spot light next movie! all in all it was a really cool flick :D

- Butters

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