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A little about my

Category: Blogging

This is a little about my Hii!. My name is Zaira, but you can call me Zizi!.If suddenly in a conversation I get very sentimental, an apology ,seriously I can't  control it. Some of my tastes are a little weird for some people and they get to bother, an apology in advance for that.  I really like to draw and play video games, also make up and go out with my friends although I also occasionally read... » Continue Reading

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Category: Books and Stories

Some bl gore recomendations? » Continue Reading

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Cute layut

Category: SpaceHey

some cute anime thing's                                      ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* » Continue Reading

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Music taste

Category: Music

I like many generous, but my favorites are hip-hop and rap 2000’s:                 ♫ My favorite singer/rappers are: 2pac                                 Dr. Dre Childish Gambino               Snoop Dog Ice cube                            B.I.G                                    ☆ ★ ✮ ★ ☆   📼 ☆ ★ ✮ ★ ☆ Skee-Lo                            Roger Coolio                               Cypress Hell Kanye... » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

I'm curious, what's your favorite song?                                                                                                                                                    » Continue Reading

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