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someday i will learn

Category: Life

how to cope with wanting to go home when I don't have another home to go back to? mabey someday I'll find a brand new place and turn that unknown place into something that will actually feel like a home I search for the feeling of home, the thing I miss when and feel in my heart between empty sobbing.  sometimes I feel like I wasn't meant to be here  I'll never belong because I belong somewhere el... » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

the bliss of Mother natures kiss ecstasy from your boyfriend's lips  Swimming in a forest stream is the closest you'll get to paradise I'm trying to express this feeling of joy, I feel for this life for you » Continue Reading

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short little thing I wrote

Category: Writing and Poetry

Home Hireath  a hole in the heart of a tree, more like a pit pit of quicksand, the more you struggle the more you  choke "I want to go home" but my dear "you are home"  thank you for reading, I am always welcome to hear your opinions and criticisms if it is constructive.   » Continue Reading

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The Guy! :)

Category: Pets and Animals

deep sea isopod! Such a lovely creature!  » Continue Reading

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Twisted branches (a poem about a tree)

Category: Writing and Poetry

Twisted branches Bark chipping off Revealing a softer inside Making sticky blood-like sap  Roots of wood crea a map leading you deeper and deeper, into the dark forest it claims you  A tree like a human heart deceiving, raw, ripped apart (if I spelled anything wrong pls let me know)  » Continue Reading

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