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How to Support Your Local Pride Parade

Category: Life

Everyone knows what a pride parade is. It's a congregation of LGBTQ+ community members and allies in order to celebrate who they are and their accomplishments as a whole. However, some may not know how to go about supporting their local pride parade.  Misleading information, difficulties in organization, and counter protests plague pride parades and their organization, among other complications. F... » Continue Reading

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A Queer Reading of Why Fanfiction Matters

Category: Books and Stories

When the general public thinks of “fanfiction,” the first thing that comes to mind are the typical poorly written, teenage wish fulfilment, sex filled fantasies that populate wattpad.  However —  The merits of fanfiction cannot be denied. In a society where corporations own the stories that inhabit the public consciousness, the human need to adapt and tell stories (previously fulfilled through the... » Continue Reading

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HELP ARTICLE - Ways to Get Gender Affirming Articles of Clothing in an Unsupportive Household

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

Trying to express yourself in a gender affirming way can be difficult. Finding clothing and undergarments can be even harder — but don’t worry, we’re here to help:  MALL SHOPPING GUIDE:  If you have friends who are supportive of your identity, consider recruiting one or two of them to accompany you to the mall. This will alleviate any fear you may have of shopping in a different section than you’r... » Continue Reading

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Gerard Way's Defiance of Gender

Category: Music

Gerard Way, singer of famed emo band My Chemical Romance is well known for his beautiful yet intense vocals. However, what many don't know about Way is their elusive history of gender expression and defiance of gender as a concept in its whole. That's right. "Their." As in they. Gerard Way expressed usage of he and they pronouns.  For the sake of consistency of this blog, we will be using he/him p... » Continue Reading

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