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Category: Life

Okay so, i dated this boy (A.T) for 2 months and i literally love him so much and we had so much. We did 'things' together and everything and i had liked him for 4yrs and theres a lot more back story but i wont get into that stuff. We broke up a couple days ago due to his and mines unstable mental state. I miss him so much and he means the world to me, he said that he would definietly like to star... » Continue Reading

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15.05.23 - Diary entry ig

Category: Friends

someone please help me. so basically i like this boy and we've been talking for a month, he's a yr above me and his name is mason, he keeps talking to me and we snap and talk every night non stop, we speak on the bus and he stares at me and tries to talk to me every chance he gets. I've asked him out before but he didn't see it so i never got an answer + my friend messaged him the other day asking... » Continue Reading

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14.05.23 - first blog

Category: Games

Hiiii! This is my first blog on SpaceHey, still not really sure how to write a blog without being rlly cringey ( ゚ヮ゚). I guess ill say some things about my life lol, Im Roz short for Rosalyn my middle name is Jayde. Im 13 born in Alberta, Canada moved to somerset, England October 1st 2017 and have lived here since. Im in yr8 and i have a really nice and supportive friendgroup even tho there are qu... » Continue Reading

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