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15.05.23 - Diary entry ig

someone please help me. so basically i like this boy and we've been talking for a month, he's a yr above me and his name is mason, he keeps talking to me and we snap and talk every night non stop, we speak on the bus and he stares at me and tries to talk to me every chance he gets. I've asked him out before but he didn't see it so i never got an answer + my friend messaged him the other day asking if he would go out with me and he said "i don't know" and he didnt really giver her an answer bc he doesnt know her and told her to go away, but he didnt say no.

Today when i got on the bus he was sat one seat over and his friend was sat next to him, we were all having a pretty chill conversation abt one of my ex-friends and then his friend gets off and theres a spare seat next to him and he moves his leg towards me and angles his body towards me and i continue to speak to the person infront of me and and out of the corner of my eye hes staring at me as im speaking and then i spray perfume because why not and he smiles and kind of giggles and so he gets his spray deodorent out and sprays it and i say "omd that smells actually rlly nice, thats hit me like a brick wall" and he smiles and blushes and starts saying "yours smells quite good, so sprays smell rlly good. yours does anyway" and like omggg and then as hes getting off the bus instead of saying goodbye to the boys he was like "goodbye, see you later" TO ME LIKE WHAT??? then we've been snapping and that but i dont know if he likes me like helpppp.

Anyways to wrap it up me and my fg are having shared custody over a rubber duck named Mr. Heckling.

Roz xoxo

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