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14.05.23 - first blog

Hiiii! This is my first blog on SpaceHey, still not really sure how to write a blog without being rlly cringey ( ゚ヮ゚). I guess ill say some things about my life lol, Im Roz short for Rosalyn my middle name is Jayde. Im 13 born in Alberta, Canada moved to somerset, England October 1st 2017 and have lived here since. Im in yr8 and i have a really nice and supportive friendgroup even tho there are quite a few arguments °–° I used to get bullied alot but i dont really anymore. i recently sprained my dominant wrist by jumping 6ft of a rope swing O_O. Im moving schools next year with all of my year and another schools yr8 into yr 9 and ive put down my options and who im going into a tutor with for yr9! Im doing English EBACC so French and History, Photography, Fine Art and business. It all runs on a 2 week based time table and we dont have lockers either which i find absolutley mental. 

Theres a few boys i think ar fit / on my smash list but im not really properly interested anymore. Im snapping / talking to a boy named max in the year above and hes pretty decent looking and hes pretty nice i knew him breifly last year but didnt ever really speak to him but theres another boy in the yr above who i quite like and he goes on my bus, his name is mason and i have been interested in mason for quite some time now but im not sure if he is into me. kaiden whos in the same year as me and in most of my classes is pretty sweet and fit tbf but he was interested in me and then he got a gf so we stopped talkinmg but now we are kind of talking ig? idk.

I think im gonna end my blog entry here considering its getting pretty long lol.

Love Roz x

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