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after i finish my internship...

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

in advance, i apologize for my lack of updates and entries. i've been pretty busy and tired with work that i barely remember about this website. but let's get right to the point! my internship finishes in 2 days, so after that i'll be able to be free... for a while, as i have to start studying to get my driver's license. that's pretty much the plan for now. » Continue Reading

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work is so tiresome

Category: Life

during the little time i have for myself, i think about my current situation. sure, in a month i'll be free, but how is it going to be when i get a job again? i do  need money to live my own life, but am i going to have to do this for the rest of my life? work until i'm old and have no energy to do anything (not that i have energy to do things anymore)? aside from this depressive thought i've been... » Continue Reading

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some updates...

Category: Life

i played buzz with my parents during the weekend and it was really fun! i just love trivia games in general, it's a good opportunity to put my general trivia skills in practice and learn something new as well. i also played some more dawn of war and i'm getting better at it... that's pretty much it. » Continue Reading

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can't wait to get home

Category: Life

i cant wait to get home, i ordered a copy of buzz: the mega quiz for my ps2 and the package arrives today. additionally we might have a game night over at my friends' house and i'm looking forward to it, i havent played magic in a while... but for all that to happen, i have to wait until i get out of work... damn » Continue Reading

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oh the irony of spending so much time tinkering with my page

Category: Friends

and having no friends to see it... anybody wanna be friends pls :3 » Continue Reading

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Hello SpaceHey!

Category: Blogging

i just created my account and tinkered with my CSS, i hope i will have fun here and meet new friends :D » Continue Reading

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