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HOT TAKE/OPINION: Jurassic Park analog horror videos (derogatory)

Category: Art and Photography

Those Jurassic Park analog horror vids fucking suck and they feel like a parody of the analog horror genre They're all the same with those damn employee training tapes and then OOOH SCARY DINOSAUR OH MY GOD THAT GUY IS MISSING I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM and redacted shit and frankly, it gets predictable The tropes those videos have are overused, AND THEY DON'T EVEN BRING ANYTHING NEW TO THE TAB... » Continue Reading

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Papa Louie is pretty based

Category: Games

Me and my (real life) friend have come to the conclusion that every Papa Louie Character, EXCEPT PENNY, is my babygirl We have been playing it all day » Continue Reading

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Ode to a polka player

Category: Music

She Weird on my Al, till I Yankovic » Continue Reading

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My favorite Muppet could probably beat up your favorite Muppet

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I say this while having my favorite Muppet as Zoot, the most chill and least violent Muppet there is » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

My fucking NASCAR poster just fell on me because it cannot hold onto the wall for shit I've been trying to keep it on my wall all day with loads of tape but it keeps slipping off  » Continue Reading

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