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My boyfriend

Category: Romance and Relationships

I LOVE MY BF SO MUCHH, HE IS AMAZING!!! like he is the best thing that has even happened to me!!!! The 6th is our anniversary!!! » Continue Reading

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Midwest emo music is amazing

Category: Music

Let me explain myself Midwest emo music is like I don't know why that's like so good like and it's not just like it might be because I did grow up on it and you know because a lot of my family came from the Midwest but it just is so reall » Continue Reading

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Colleen 🤮🤮

Category: Music

I don't know how that child groomer can think that making a stupid song on a ukulele and think she will be forgiven, ruined ukulele's forever man!!🤮 » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

ok so me and my cousin were playing with her lip tint and we did a stamp!!! » Continue Reading

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My friends<3

Category: Blogging

I love all of my friends sooo much!!! They are so amazing i hope that they have wonderful lives!:) » Continue Reading

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Tik Tok slide show

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Am I the only one that's been getting the like mean Girls Tiktok slideshows cuz like I get them all the time and like all my friends they're like I've never seen them and I'm like how they're everywhere like it's like every other video that I watch it's a tik tok slideshow about mean Girls » Continue Reading

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movie I'm watching

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

I have been trying to watch more movies lately to you know fill up time instead of doing things like sleeping for like hours on end and then waking me up at like 12:00 a.m. in the middle of the night. The movies I have watched are 13, girl interrupted, Lolita, pearl, and gone girl. These movies have been suggested to me by my friends and I think they're great movies but like after I watched girl i... » Continue Reading

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