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Category: Blogging

I am working on a new theme for myself and it's gonna be pretty long so if my profile is fucked tell me so I can see how to fix it update: to explain this better I will do a bit of a Frankensteins monster (obviously crediting everyone I get the code from) » Continue Reading

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I got this from remy<3 who got it from kyu

Category: Blogging

name: Gregor nickname: Greg, Gregorio the (insert random number) how old are you: 18  zodiac sign: cancer (just like what i am to society) current location: bed eye color: brown kind of reddish tones  hair color: natuarlly brown but i have them dyed black with green streaks hair type: like they are mostly straight but they curl a bit at the end your heritage: Italian (tuscany and calabria) what's ... » Continue Reading

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Wappy Dog?

Category: Games

Does any of you remember the nintendo ds game "Wappy Dog"? I remember having it when I was a kid and it being like the best representation of y2k aesthetic or even Frutiger Aero. I saw a jpg that reminded me of it and I got all emotional and stuff smh I'm getting old. » Continue Reading

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Do you have dream worlds too?

Category: Dreams and the Supernatural

I have a whole mapped out dream world. They change every few months and since I started tracking I've had four. Now it's a weird black and white rendition of my home town with some strange metropolitan futuristic elements. Do you have anything similar to this? I'd like to know your experience with dreams, it's something that I love to hear about. » Continue Reading

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