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a random dumb pet peeve I have

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

people being new to a style of fashion and referring to themselves as a "baby ___" I don't know why but it makes me angry LMAO, it feels infantilizing and dumb. Like is it so hard to just say you're new??? Every time I've seen someone use this term they're usually only just interested in the style and not actually putting any effort into dressing it or doing it properly, they'll watch like three t... » Continue Reading

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Male friends are the worst??

Category: Life

😭 so sorry if any guys are reading this but im finding it  so  hard to be friends with guys, and I need to r » Continue Reading

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DIY Bedazzled Ring Tutorial πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

:root { --logo-blue: #ff87af; --darker-blue: #ff87af; --lighter-blue: #ffe785; --even-lighter-blue: #ffe785; --lightest-blue: #FFF; --dark-orange: #000; --light-orange: #ffe785; --even-lighter-orange: #FFF; --green: #; } body{ background-image: url('') !important; background-attachment: fixed !important; background-repeat: » Continue Reading

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my DIY decoden phone case! ❀

Category: Art and Photography

body { background-image:url(; font-family: "Times New Roman " , Times, serif; font-size: 20px; font-display: bold; } main { background-color: #fff0f6; } :root { --logo-blue: #ffa1c7; --darker-blue: #ffa1c7; --lighter-blue: #ff87b8; --even-lighter-blue: #ffa1c7; --lightest-blue: #ffa1c7; --dark-orange: #ffa1c7; --light-orange: ... » Continue Reading

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I went to a dog's birthday party + pics πŸ₯³

Category: Blogging

body { background-image:url(; font-family: 'Unkempt', cursive; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; font-size: 19px; font-color: #a076c4; } :root { --logo-blue: #ffb0d9; --darker-blue: #ffb0d9; --lighter-blue: #b0e2ff; --even-lighter-blue: #b0e2ff; --lightest-blue: #d6ffd4; » Continue Reading

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πŸ’ my first EGL dress!

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

3/03/24 I'm soooo excited so I felt like I had to say something somewhere. I just bought my first ever lolita JSK (jumper skirt) from Lace Market!!! I've been interested in egl fashion ever since I first watched Kamikaze Girls a c » Continue Reading

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