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Just a vent

Category: Blogging

I fucking hate it, why does anything have to change at all, i dont want to get older, i dont want anything else to change i wanna go back to being a mf called frog who listens to goblincore and cottagecore music. I just want to be able to feel like a kid again but i cant do that when things are constantly changing, my music taste changed a fair bit and it feels like shit thta i cant listen to my o... » Continue Reading

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mmm yes

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

i have come to the realisation that i am actually hot, i will not explain further and will take no criticism » Continue Reading

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Category: Food and Restaurants


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T.w. tics

Category: Life

1 4lw4ys f33l l1k3 1m f4k1ng my t1cs, 1k 1m n0t but 1t just f33ls l1k3 1 4m » Continue Reading

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HAHA PLL tic t.w.

Category: Life

told my mum abt my new meowing tic and she just said "pretty sure thats just psychosis" and idfk if she was being sarcastic » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i cant light incense in my room, this is depressing » Continue Reading

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A fanfic on my friend x butter

Category: Writing and Poetry

siam slowly approached it with a flirty grin. it gold like yellow was quite attractive to everyone but especially to siam. its nice dark green packaging with suns and stars across it. when she got to the kitchen counter and slowly opened the lid, her grin widened into an ear to ear, kilometer wide smile. saliva drooled from their mouth, almost falling into the extravagantly coloured butter. "oh no... » Continue Reading

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