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gay cat #2

Category: Pets and Animals

talon zane and perlin festival does condone the usage of tobacco products » Continue Reading

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if you exclusively like popular indie games (fnaf, undertale, omori, ultrakill, etc) you should not consider yourself a fan of indie games

Category: Art and Photography

by validating the people who like IP's that have grown to CORPORATE SCALE (like fnaf) as "indie game fans", it makes them way less likely to check out any smaller productions twitter has this problem where people just kind of shake hands with eachother and make up information that is not true until it's eventually just accepted as fact. ive seen the "quirky indie game inspired by earthbound with t... » Continue Reading

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collection of images

Category: Art and Photography

pluto is like a car to me. i try to process their face or any meaningful emotion but no matter the situation they just Look like that. emotionless in the least threatening way possible. t hey're like a bag of sand » Continue Reading

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