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wack first tinder experience

Category: Romance and Relationships

I've already blown all of my friends ears off about this, i just can't stop thinking about it and want to document the whole story because the end really baffles me. Like many others my age, struggle in the dating scene. Especially as an unlablelled lesbian. I haven't had an irl relationship before and almost all of my friends are male. So in november 2022 i thought i'd give tinder a shot! Interac... » Continue Reading

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arttt waa

Category: Art and Photography

mmmmmmmm i need to upload art,, how else shall the world know I do art!! >:O I made this yesterday! I haven't drawn a lot recently but i really like this one ^^ This is Lovejoy fanart :D Ironically enough, think I made this when they released their second EP!! I'll be seein » Continue Reading

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german mcdonalds

Category: Food and Restaurants

Okay one of my favorite things to do is look at different McDonalds menus all over the world. It's fascinating to see the differences, both in assortment and web design. It kinda started with a joke about the McRib and the fact only Germany and america (I think?) have it. But I learned something new about German McDonalds today??? My parents went to Germany for a small holiday and on the last even... » Continue Reading

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