arttt waa

mmmmmmmm i need to upload art,, how else shall the world know I do art!! >:O

I made this yesterday! I haven't drawn a lot recently but i really like this one ^^

This is Lovejoy fanart :D Ironically enough, think I made this when they released their second EP!! I'll be seeing them live soon and i'm really excited :) especially since i've been watching Wilbur since 2019 and am in love with Lovejoy's music.

Okay, like, how can I not add monkie kid fanart?? they're all my little meow meows :3 from this point on it'll just be monkie kid fanart i think!

He's so sillayyyy

Mei!!!!! shez's so cool....

This was actually mu first monkie kid fanart dude, i still love it sm <33 swk is my bbg

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Love your work!! Keep it up!!

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